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‘inFamous Second Son’ E3 and final build graphics comparison

inFamous Second Son
inFamous Second Son

A new screenshot comparison for inFamous Second Son has been made comparing game footage from E3 2013 to the final build of inFamous Second Son. The purpose of this comparison is to demonstrate that a visual downgrade has not occurred to the PS4 exclusive. According to a report by DualShockers from March 15, there has been a recent controversy that inFamous Second Son has received a visual downgrade, but these comparison proves that no such thing has occurred.

inFamous Second Son

With inFamous Second Son being the PS4’s biggest release of early 2014, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming release, but that also means expectations are high. With gameplay footage now circulating the web, many have seen the leaked footage and some have claimed that the game doesn’t match the visual quality that the game demonstrated at E3 last year.

Despite Sucker Punch dismissing these claims by stating that the lighting is different to better suit the mood of the narrative, some gamers don’t believe the developer. Thanks to more footage being leaked, a comparison has been made that shows the same scenes from E3 and the final build that corroborate Sucker Punch’s claim that the lighting and time of day has changed, and that no graphical downgrade has taken place.

Find the comparison screens in our media gallery located at the top right of this posting. For another comparison, you can find an animated GIF pairing of the screens below:

Screen 1

Screen 2

inFamous Second Son will be released for the PlayStation 4 on Friday, March 21. We’ll have full review coverage coming soon, so stay tuned for more on inFamous Second Son in the coming days.

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