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‘inFamous: Second Son’ DLC reveals Cole MacGrath’s influence on the world

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Sucker Punch is introducing a new series protagonist in inFamous: Second Son who will take the place of Cole MacGrath who served as the playable character in the first two inFamous titles. According to a report on the EU Playstation Blog on March 3, it was revealed inFamous: Second Son’s first DLC will help explain how the events of inFamous 2 helped shape the plot of the upcoming title.

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Entitled Cole’s Legacy, the DLC will serve to bridge the gap between past inFamous game and their next-gen counterpart. The add-on reveals that Cole MacGrath left a lasting impression on the world which led to the creation of the Department of Unified Protection which serves appear as militaristic opposition for Delson in inFamous: Second Son.

The Cole’s Legacy DLC will be available to those who pick up the digital-only Legacy Edition of inFamous Second Son which launches later this month exclusively on the Playstation 4. In addition to gaining access to the game’s first add-on, the Legacy Edition also allows gives players the option to wear Cole’s signature jacket within inFamous: Second Son.

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