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‘inFamous: Second Son’ digital pre-orders now available, includes bonus content

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This week’s update to the Playstation Store brings the ability for gamers to digitally pre-order inFamous: Second Son on the PS4. Announced by the official Playstation Blog on Tuesday, fans can now pre-purchase the third installment of Sucker Punch’s open-world super hero series directly from the PS Store. Those who do digitally pre-order the game from Sony will also receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition of the game.

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That means that for the same price of $59.99 for the base game at retail, PS Store pre-orders of inFamous: Second Son will receive free bonus in-game content. The Limited Edition adds several exclusive missions that, when completed, will allow players to wear the jacket of Cole MacGrath. This is meant to honor the protagonists of the first two inFamous games, who is now being replaced by newcomer Delsin.

Not only will fans be introduced to a new main character, that wields fire-based abilities opposed to MacGrath’s lightning powers, but inFamous: Second Son will be now take the franchise to Seattle. This will be the first time that the series features a real-world location. Like the world of Grand Theft Auto, previous inFamous titles have all been set in fictional cities that were modeled after true life counterparts.

However, not everything in the new game will be a deviation from the series. The central theme of morality choices, which gives players the opportunity to become heroes or infamous villains, does make a return in Second Son. In fact, Sucker Punch hopes to make the decisions much more obvious. The developer wants each option to be clearly good or evil rather than landing in a muddy neutral area.

inFamous: Second Son launches on Mar 21 as a Playstation 4 exclusive.

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