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‘inFamous: Second Son’ developer talks PS4 bundle and collector’s editions

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A Sucker Punch Productions spokesperson has commented on the potential of a PS4 system bundle for the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game, “inFamous: Second Son.” According to a report from Playstation Lifestyle on Jan. 15, a fan wanted to know if the open-world action-adventure title will be included with the next-generation system in one package.

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The spokesperson responded by saying that the development team is “still awaiting news.” You can find some “inFamous: Second Son” screens in the slideshow to the left of this article and the response below:

We are still awaiting news as well on any confirmation of any/all PS4 bundles with Second Son.

An image for “inFamous: Second Son” PS4 system bundle was recently revealed by a retailer in Europe. However, Sony Computer Entertainment has not yet announced any details on the potential product.

Another fan wanted to know why the collector’s edition of the latest video game from the “inFamous” series are different in North American when compared to the European regions. Sucker Punch Productions explained that each territory have different tastes with various views of premium value. You can find the response below:

Different taste for different countries, consumers in U.S. vs. Europe value different premiums. Obviously, 100% will not agree

“inFamous: Second Son” will be released by Sony Computer Entertainment in North America on March 21st. The video game will be exclusive to the PS4, which has remained hard to find despite being constantly restock. As a result, the company may not have enough units in order provide a system bundle with the latest “inFamous” video game.