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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts: Express their love language affordably

Not all gifts need to break the bank
Not all gifts need to break the bank
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You have yet to recover from last year’s holiday gift giving, how will you make this Valentine’s Day special without sinking further into debt? Learn about your partner’s love language. The chances of hitting the mark without falling deeper in debt get stronger. Read up on Gary Chapman’s ‘Five Love Languages’. They are a great way to learn about your partners needs when it comes to the language of love. You don’t have to break the bank to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get caught up on the hype of what the merchants want to sell you. Free romance is possible when you understand your partner’s signs of love.

1. Words of Affirmation - Express your love with words. You could use verbal, written or both to express yourself this year. Write a poem, a letter or shower compliments upon your dearly beloved. It isn't always an action that makes a heart beat faster.

2. Quality Time - Busy with work, family life or your own hobbies and interests? Give yourself the day (or as much of it as you can) to spend with your loved one doing things that he/she loves to do. You can’t put a price tag on time well spent.

3. Gifts - Some people do love gifts, but it doesn't mean you have to sink deeper in debt. Even if you feel you have to purchase a gift there are many great sales during the next few weeks to express your love through store bought gifts. Take advantage of local dining specials or weekend getaways.

4. Acts of Service - Can you get off work early and have the house clean and dinner cooking before he/she gets home? You could create a coupon book of all their favorite meals to be used as they see fit throughout the year. Get creative.

5. Physical Touch - A hug, a kiss or even a massage at any available moment throughout the day will not cost a cent. It is a priceless gift that can be given repeatedly throughout your life.

Here is what you don’t want to do this Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to add to the debt created by end of year holiday spending. Yes your heart is in it, but you must also apply your mind and common sense as well. Your spouse will know that finances are tight, don’t feel like you have to hit the jewelry sales. You don’t need to charge gifts or use alternative money options to make it happen. Interest burden from credit cards, online cash advances, title loans or pawnshop brokers is not smart money management for those who are already struggling with debt.

Don’t feel like you have to spend money to love. Read about Gary Chapman’s ‘Five Love Languages” and make this the best Valentine’s Day yet.

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