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Inexpensive touches for a luxurious home

Luxurious home
Luxurious home

We can’t all afford the home of our dreams. But that doesn’t mean we can’t add elegance to what we have. Use these inexpensive touches for a luxurious home.

It is possible to use the words elegance and inexpensive in the same sentence. Although the two words are rarely seen together, you may be surprised to learn that they can go hand in hand quite well. A luxurious home is one that is rich, comfortable, and elegant, and it is within your budget! Here we'll show you simple ways to add inexpensive touches for a luxurious home. Glam up your living space, bathroom, or any room with these simple ideas.

Ceiling medallions - Add elegance to any room with a ceiling medallion. When placed beneath a lighting fixture or ceiling fan base, you'll create instant detail to an otherwise plain room. Available in solid white, cream, or even bronzed or metallic finishes, there are medallions to match any fixture or décor. Cost will depend on size and material, but will be roughly $50-100.

Fabric accent want - Turn an ordinary room into a luxurious show stopper with a fabric accent wall. Unlike wallpaper, there's no risk of rips or tears with fabric, but it is installed in a similar fashion. Fabric looks elegant and adds unusual texture to any living space. Learn how to cover walls with fabric for under $100.

Magnetic crystals - There is a crystal chandelier in virtually every luxurious home. But for the average homeowner, the cost is simply too much to afford. An inexpensive alternative, however, is to purchase magnetic crystals and attach them to your existing light fixture. Available in various shapes, styles, and colors, magnetic crystals can affix to more than just chandeliers. Add them to table and floor lamps, wall sconces, and more. For a complete set, you'll pay under $100.

Under cabinet lighting - Create instant ambiance in the kitchen with inexpensive tap-style lights. When placed in the space between kitchen wall cabinets and countertops, a subtle light will illuminate a dark kitchen, adding an elegant feel after dark. Total cost is less than $5 per light.

New kitchen backsplash - Add elegance to the kitchen with a new backsplash. This project can be as inexpensive as you need it to be. A fresh coat of washable paint will cost around $20, but will still make an impressive statement. Colorful wall tiles are also an affordable option. However the easiest, and most luxurious, option may just be the use of metal wall panels. These panels are easy to install, won't stain or mark, and add a reflective surface that will make a small area appear larger.

Candles - For a simple touch of elegance, place candles all around the home. Candles are very inexpensive, versatile in use, available in all colors, and can create a cozy environment with virtually no effort. Plus, there are scents for every occasion, season, and holiday.

Decorative molding - Of all the ways to add elegance to a home that we've listed, decorative molding will be the most expensive. Still, it is an affordable way to add a luxurious touch to any room. Crown molding can be used to add detail to the ceiling, while chair molding can be added to protect and divide wall space. Learn more about how to use decorative molding.

Other inexpensive ways to add elegance to a home include:

•- Install a curved shower rod in the bathroom

•- Use faux leather or suede slipcovers on furniture

•- Select new hardware on dated cabinetry

•- Soundproof a room for privacy

•- Add an area rug to define a living space

•- Layer the bed with plush bedding

•- Makeover the fireplace mantel

•- Set the dining table in a decorative fashion

•- Add decorative tiebacks for curtains or draperies

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