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Inexpensive natural bad breath remedies

When dining out, there's often a sprig of parsley on the plate.
When dining out, there's often a sprig of parsley on the plate.
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Next time you pick up that bottle of alcohol based mouthwash, ask yourself why you're reaching for chemicals to staunch bad breath. There are some very good non-toxic natural remedies that work just as well. Using natural remedies for bad breath is healthier for the rest of the body too. Why not try a few of these to see which is right for you?


There's a reason for that minty flavor in toothpaste and mouthwash. Mint is one of the very best natural remedies for bad breath. The fresh scent is obviously a factor. Mint also aids digestion, which helps eliminate one cause of the odor. I keep a little growing in the kitchen and chew a leaf occasionally. Mint remedies a stomach ache as well.


When dining out, there's often a sprig of parsley on the plate. This is a tradition carried over from a time when the herb was used for bad breath. Parsley is one of the least known remedies for bad breath. Next time you dine out, don't send this natural cure back to the kitchen. Give it a chew and see if it remedies the problem.

Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide can be used to eliminate bad breath in several ways. Mix a little with water and swish to kill bacteria between teeth. Peroxide can be added to homemade natural baking soda toothpaste. Peroxide is also great for cleaning bacteria from toothbrushes.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a thorough teeth cleanser. It also kills bad breath odor. Wet a toothbrush in water. Dip it in baking soda to scrub teeth. Natural toothpaste can be made by combining baking soda with other natural ingredients. Try mixing in a few drops of peppermint oil or extract for minty fresh breath.


Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have no way to clean our teeth. Restaurant dining is one place where natural bad breath remedies are not close at hand. Most of the time, restaurants serve water with a meal. Swishing a swig around the mouth after dining can keep bad breath at bay by removing food particles and sugars from the mouth.

Clean your nose

Remedies for bad breath should include cleaning sinuses. Backed up sinuses can leave breath smelling stale and decayed. Keep nasal passages clean by flushing daily with a natural salt water solution. Dry blowing can cause passageways to tear.


Bad breath is often caused by dehydration. Water is a natural cleanser for the digestive system. Many people do not realize that dehydration occurs long before thirst. Water remedies bad breath by flushing the system of toxins, relieving dehydration and cleansing the mouth of food particles.

Tom's of Maine

Tom's of Maine is a well established company selling a variety of natural oral care products. Tom's carries three types of mouthwash. Their mouthwash is made using aloe vera, vitamin C, witch hazel, spearmint, and essential oils. Tom's of Maine products are available in supermarkets everywhere.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed yahoo property.

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