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Inexpensive 'inspiration' fragrances at Cato

In addition to carrying a wide variety of fashionable clothing pieces and accessories, Cato's line of fragrances is an inexpensive treat for perfume lovers looking to avoid paying a mint for designer scents.

Each perfume is priced at $4.99 for around 3 fluid ounces and comes in an attractive bottle.The perfumes, which are produced by Preferred Fragrances of New York, are representations of some of the hottest designer scents currently on the market. Present at Cato's perfume counter are scents such as La Vida Loca, inspired by Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture; and  Bamberry Weekend, inspired by Burberry's Weekend for Women. Perfumes can also be purchased in sets with miniature bottles of different selections of the company's "inspiration" fragrances.

Preferred Fragrance even selects similar packaging to the original designer scents to enhance the image of buying a special perfume. Whether by choosing similar bottle shapes or adding pops of color through ribbon, each bottle evokes the stylistic detailing of the higher priced perfumes for those looking to add another beautiful bottle to their collection.

In two Jackson, Tenn. locations, as well as in  Savannah and Selmer, Cato Fashions is a clothing and accessories store with an average price point of $19.99.  


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