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Inexpensive Dune Camping and Exercising

Fun camping on dunes
Fun camping on dunes
Lucinda Roth

You can enjoy some easy on the legs and easy on the knees exercise fun in the Dumont Dunes OHV. The exercising options are year round as it is open year round. Additionally typically they allow you to stay 14 night at the the Dunes.

Enjoy nature and exercise
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The camping area is just off Highway 127 and is basically just a huge flat area. You can get exercise around the area by jogging on the dunes. The dunes are soft so try no to go too far in to minimize risk of getting stuck. As you go further in the sand gets softer and softer. There is no running water or facilities other than pit toilets. However the price is right. There is no cost to camp on the dunes. The limit is that there is a fee to enter the dunes. The fee is only about $30 for a week or alternatively it is about $90 for an entire year.

Please note that the dumpsters inside the city are designated for the city residents. Therefore if you do not live in the Tecopa town please be courteous and do not use these dumpsters to minimize the risk of people getting mad and changes being make to camping fees or availability. We would not want to loose a great exercise locale.