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Industry analyst says Wii U won't catch up with PS4 or Xbox One

Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
Wii U, PS4, Xbox One
Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft

Ed Barton, a games industry analyst from Ovum, stated Wednesday that he doesn't believe that the Wii U won't catch up to Sony's PS4 or Microsoft's Xbox One in terms of hardware sales. "The Wii U is so far behind now" Barton stated. "It's a relatively under-powered console compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now pretty firmly cemented." This definitely isn't the first time we've heard an analyst talk negatively about Nintendo's latest system. Michael Pachter from Wedbush has had many things to say including his belief that Nintendo needs to abandon the Wii U once and for all.

Barton then proceeded by calling Nintendo out on their inaccurate forecasts. "Given how inaccurate some of Nintendo's forecasts have been going into their results in terms of hardware and software sales in the past, I'm not optimistic." Sadly, he is correct when it comes to the inaccuracy of Nintendo's forecasts. Wii U sales have been dramatically low, but Mario Kart 8, which launched in May, gave the dying console a small boost of life. The only other game this year that is expected to boost sales is Super Smash Bros. which launches at the end of the year.

Nintendo only has about $12 Billion left in reserves. Luckily, Nintendo has a few plans up their sleeves to boost Wii U sales and bring profits back to daylight. For example, 30 amiibo NFC figurines are expected to launch before the end of 2014. These figurines are going to be able to interact with current and future Wii U games, so maybe Nintendo will hit the nail on the head by releasing these figurines.