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Industrial revolution of stitched items: Celebrate Sewing Machine Day

The sewing machine used to be considered a household appliance that was used on a daily basis. This machine made stitching materials together much easier and less time consuming.

Celebrate Sewing Machine Day
Eleonore Bridge / Getty Images

Thomas Saint patented the very first sewing machine design in 1790. Today, June 13 marks the holiday, “Sewing Machine Day” in celebration of this great invention. The creation of the sewing machine changed the efficiency of how clothes as well as any other stitched item was made making it a hallmark of the Industrial Revolution for the domestic homemaker.

Since the first design was developed the evolution of the sewing machine has undergone many, many changes with the times and newer technology. The world has changed drastically since the 1700s and not many people have the patience to design, follow a pattern or sit down and use a sewing machine any longer. The fast-paced society we live in with its numerous fashion designers and clothing manufacturers has made life even easier for the homemaker through mass-marketing their clothing lines and making it available through retail stores across the nation.

Just think of the time it would take to sew one stitch at a time to mend or put together an entire outfit if the sewing machine was never invented. Do you have a sewing machine at home? Is it still operational? Do you pull it out or open the cabinet it is set in and still use it from time to time?

Fashion is essential and having clothes on your back is a necessity. Enjoy the designs and feel of your clothing while knowing this contraption was a necessary piece of machinery for everyone.

Celebrate and recognize its worth on “Sewing Machine Day”!

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