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Indulgence 101: sensual pleasure



  • Jan Plant 6 years ago

    As always ... excellent article.Your descriptions here make me almost feel the cold and the puppy's fur.Thanks for another great enjoyable article,Liz!

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene, OR. Dogs Examiner 6 years ago

    Your wisdom is shared so well here with gentleness and depth. The mental attitude of food intake is so overlooked by so many. You pin point the important issues and present them well.Thank you.

  • DrStarbuck 6 years ago

    Thanks again for another fabulous article full of great tips and reminders. I'm so glad I subscribed!

  • Bo Thornton 6 years ago

    Nice article, Liz. Sensual pleasure can be a great thing. This article is thought provoking.

  • Dawn Gagnon-Orangeburg SC's Home and Living Examin 6 years ago

    You know there is no arguing with the logic in this article. It makes perfects sense to shift ones thoughts into different areas of distraction to keep one from over indulging in the one sense that we seem most eager to please, taste lol. This was good stuff and my kind of article, breaking down options, presenting new ideas. Great job~~

  • Dawn Gagnon-Orangeburg SC's Home and Living Examin 6 years ago


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