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Indulge your skin with extravagant gold and caviar cosmetics from Orogold

Orogold puts real gold  in the products
Orogold puts real gold in the products
Patti Pietschmann

You won’t believe your eyes after using Orogold’s 24K Gold Caviar collection, the most extravagant, efficacious anti-aging cosmetics on the market.

An extravagance worth the time and money
Courtesy of Orogold Cosmetics

After using the mask, cream and serum, my complexion sprung to life. No kidding, these products really work, at least for this convinced consumer who now uses everything Orogold. But let me tell you about the 24K Caviar Series. It really helps to restore elasticity and flexibility by amping up collagen production. This unique collection contains pure 24K gold from Italy and caviar that work in tandem to tighten, lift and restore the skin.

  • 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration Capsules—food for your face, the paraben-free capsules are made of high-quality ingredients from Italy that deliver a high dosage of elastin directly into the skin that tightens and firms. You apply one capsule before bed time and wake up to a new you.
  • 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask: I started using this one two weeks ago, once a week, and what a difference the mask masks. This one’s formulated with soluble collagen, caviar extract, vitamin B2, B12, B6, A, D, magnesium and iron that help promote softer and younger skin. But the primo element is the caviar extract that helps tighten, firm, rejuvenate and increase moisture. For best results apply the mask once a week, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Serum: just about the most amazing serum you’ll ever apply, and one I’m hooked on for life. It’s intended to be used after rinsing off the mask. All you need is three little drops massaged around the face. The serum’s designed to raise the moisture levels of your skin, while smoothing out the appearance of expression lines. Glycerin has a remarkable ability to absorb high quantities of moisture, while the caviar is a natural multi-vitamin packed with Omega-3’s and amino acids for the ultimate hydrating experience.
  • 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Cream: Now this is what a moisturizer’s all about and you never want to go without. This one goes on a few minutes after applying the serum and finishes off the job of moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Most importantly, this product is infused caviar extract.
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