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Indulge in the best of chocolate and coffee for Valentine's Day

Godiva has a wonderful selection for Valentine's Day!
Godiva has a wonderful selection for Valentine's Day!
Godiva Valentine's Day offers

Valentine's Day is almost here, so whether you wish to get something sweet to make someone feel special, a guilty pleasurable treat yourself, or a last minute gift, here are some great ideas for chocolate and coffee lovers (both make a great combination).

Godiva Gold Ballotin box of chocolates, one of Godiva's many Valentine's Day offers,  makes a sweet gift for someone special this Valentine's Day

BAILEYS® Coffee Creamers is loved by so many for its line of premium non-alcoholic flavored coffee creamers. It will turn any average cup of coffee into the best tasting flavored gourmet cup of coffee, and transform any dessert into a culinary experience! BAILEYS recently three new flavors: Cinnamon Dolce, Sweet Italian Biscotti, and Chocolatini, which are available now at a variety of retailers nationwide for $2.49/pint. The Chocolatini flavor tastes sinfully delicious and makes a great chocolate martini cocktail too! It tastes creamy chocolaty, dreamy, simply delicious, and may even make your morning breakfast or after dinner coffee intoxicating.

Brazen Coffee Maker, which was featured at Food Fete over the holidays, delivers a spectacular and most delicious cup of coffee at the comfort of your own home, and will be sure to finish any Valentine's Day meal or dessert in a very satisfying way! While many home coffee makers produce an easy, quick cup of coffee, it's usually just a standard cup of coffee, which is why so many people spend $5 or more at the local coffee shop. Thanks to the Brazen Coffee Maker, coffee connoisseurs can enjoy the best coffee at home! The Brazen Coffee Maker boasts of making a cup of top quality coffee that baristas would approve of, because it's capable of delivering extremely accurate water temperatures, which coinsides with the type of coffee beans being used. It's easy to use (set desired water temperature, altitude, and pre-soak time, hit start, go through the process of pouring water over the Chemex filter, allow it to drain, and repeat process until the carafe is filled), and looks attractive on any counter. Give this a try, and you'll never setttle for just any cup of coffee from just any coffee maker.

Divine Chocolate, also featured at Food Fete over the holidays, offers a delicious collection of Fair Trade chocolate. Divine offers delicious chocolate for Valentine's Day baking, for hostess gifts and its dark chocolate make as healthy treat to satisfy any chocolate craving! For Valentine's Day, be sure to try Divine's 85% dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, and White Chocolate with Strawberries bar, as they are delicious and healthy for snacking (in moderation, of course) and for baking something sweet, delcious and special. For gifting, be sure to try some of Divine Chocolate offers:

  • Deluxe Valentine's Day Collection, which features chocolate bars (classic dark chocolates such as our 70% Dark Chocolate, 85% Dark Chocolate) and mixed berries (Dark Chocolate with Raspberries and Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate, premium White Chocolate Mixed Berries).
  • Divine's Valentine's Day Heart Gift Set is another sweet option, which features a gold heart gift box filled with Divine's favorite bars, including rich 85% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, creamy White Chocolate with Strawberries, and three smooth 70% Dark Chocolate snack bars.
  • Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate coins are a delicious treat that is perfect for holiday and kids' party favors. Divine's 70% Dark Chocolate coins come wrapped in a wintery mix of blue and silver, and the Milk Chocolate shiny gold coins are made with the fine Fairtrade cocoa, smooth cocoa butter and real vanilla, which gives it an incredibly delicious creamy flavor.

Godiva Chocolatier, renowned for its premium Belgium chocolates, is loved all over the world such as United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia! Godiva's chocolates, truffles, coffee, cocoa, and biscuits make a delicious special treat, and gifts, especially for making someone sweet feel loved on Valentine's Day! This Valentine's Day, Godiva has something sweet and special for everyone:

  • Lovers Delight Gift Set with Teddy Bear comes with the most adorable, soft, plush teddy bear by Gund, holding a pouch of heart shaped Godiva chocolate treats! The Valentine's Day Ballotin includes a signature assortment of classic Godiva Belgian chocolates in its iconic gold box tied with a romantic red rose ribbon, which will be sure to make any girl's heart melt!
  • Sweethearts Gift Tower is for the ultimate chocolate lover! This beautiful sweet gift set will be sure to make that special girl feel special, and just imagine how she and everyone else at the office will fall in love with you, when she receievs this amazing trio of heart-shaped boxes at work! They're filled with a Godiva's yummy assortment of milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolates
  • Milk Chocolate HUG Heart will make any kid smile from cheek to cheek all day on this special occasion of love! This yummy chocolate heart is wrapped up and tied with an orange ribbon, and are the perfect treats to put into backpacks and briefcases for a little Valentine's Day surprise.

La Maison Du Chocolate offers beautiful, delicious chocolate that is the ideal chocolate treat for those who desire to please a very special person with exquisite taste! La maison Du Chocolate offers fine French chocolates that are grand classics as envisioned by Robert Linxe, a Parisian artisan and international luxury chocolatier. Every flavor of chocolate from La Maison Du Chocolat is delicious and impressive and unforgettable, from timeless ganachs, prailines, fruited and liquor chocolates, to pastries. La Maison Du Chocolat's delectable offers this Valentine's Day can be found here. The Floral Chocolates collection is incredible and delicious, as each piece of chocolate consists of the perfect combination of quality french chocolate perfectly blended with delicate notes of floral. This collection consists of five creations that taste rich, enticing, subtle, ripe with luxurious chocolate and floral flavors. The essence of flowers with new and innovative infusions of dried flowers, dabs of essential oils, hints of seeds, blends of blooming buds, and even the fruit of the flower, mixed with the chocolates will make any chocolate lover feel like a princess lost in a chocolate dream. The flavors of The Floral Chocolates collection (a box is available in four, eight or fifteen pieces) are:

  • Woody Jasmine - Crispness of dark chocolate caramel ganache enhanced with a subtle infusion of jasmine.
  • Caramelised Sunflower - Crunchy centre of a luscious praliné with caramelised sunflower seeds.
  • Acidulous Violet - Dark chocolate ganache with acidulous notes of violets and red fruits.
  • Vanilla Fleur de Sel - Floral and roasted flavours of a dark chocolate ganache with vanilla from the Comoros accented with an almond praliné with fleur de sel.
  • Fleur de cacao - Plain chocolate ganache from Madagascar with notes of black fruits, roasted cacao beans.
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