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Indoor winter composting

Almost any fruit or vegetable can be composted
Almost any fruit or vegetable can be composted
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Iowa winters make for some very slow composting; frozen blocks of organic matter don’t decompose. But don’t give up composting just because the snow has arrived. Indoor composters are a great solution for handling kitchen scraps during the winter months.

Target sells an indoor composter that is 20” tall, so it fits in most cupboards. The machine uses a small amount of electricity to turn kitchen scraps into rich compost in about two weeks. Just throw in your vegetable peels, apple cores and egg shells and the machine does the work for you. The resulting nutrient rich compost can be used for your indoor plants or stored for your spring garden.

And the best part is that it is almost odorless.

Indoor composters tend to be pretty pricey, but they are a great way to keep up your composting during the winter.