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Indoor playground for everday fun

Under the Sea
Under the Sea
Tiffany Lamb

The best places to visit always seem to be “hidden” from the public. Under the Sea Indoor Playground, in Culver City, is no exception. Sitting at 12211 West Washington Boulevard, right at the north-west corner of Grand View, you will find an office building that seems almost vacant. Walk in through the rear door or the Grandview side door, and head back to suite #120 in the corner. You will find a secret play place for your little ones aged 9 months to 14 years to run amok for just $9 a day per child. This price includes two adults per child.

There are a few reasons why an indoor playground is a great idea for child playtime. The number one reason, of course, is the weather. Some days are too cold, too wet, or too hot for visits to a regular outdoor playground. Another great reason for moving the playtime indoors, is to be able to keep a better eye on your children. An indoor playground is limited to it‘s walls, gated, and much easier for a mom to keep an eye out. Sometimes moms don’t have enough energy to run around after the kids, and indoor playgrounds can help to reduce the chasing.

Your children will find a wide range of toys to explore. A toy kitchen, three slides, a moon bounce, and numerous kid powered cars are just a few of the toys they will have to explore. Everyone must wear socks, and they ask of course, that any who is sick stays home. The walls are decorated beautifully to depict an under sea imaginative world. Music is played for entertainment, dancing, and fun. If your kids just can’t get enough of the playground, you can also ask about monthly passes and frequent players passes.

The associate on duty makes sure that no child leaves the gate without their parent, so rest assured you can relax a little more while they run around. The party area features a long bar with stools that face the playground. You can read a book, call your mom, or just space out and relax. All while still be able to keep a close eye on your children. The best part is, they encourage you to play with your children as well, so bring socks and get ready to get your play on if you feel up to it.

There are a few parking spots in the Mi Ranchito restaurant parking lot, as well as a few in the back parking lot. Enter from either Mi Ranchito or Grandview, and park for free. If you are close enough to walk, remember to leave the stroller outside the inner entrance door, as they are not allowed in the playground area. Bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Also, they prefer you eat lunch before or after your visit to Under the Sea. Enjoy a new way to play thanks to Under the Sea Indoor Playground.