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Indoor goodness at Crazy Clyde's Slides

Thrills and chills in the toddler play area
Thrills and chills in the toddler play area

It's that time of year. Every one is stuck inside because of the cold weather and the house starts feeling a little small. The kids are practically vibrating with the need to burn off some energy, so parents start looking for ways to keep them busy. With that in mind, you might want to consider Clyde's Crazy Slides in Lebanon.

The main winter attraction.  The Big Slide.
Photo by W Peck

Clyde's is located in a former industrial building, and the first thing you notice on entering is the low grade buzzing a dozen or so air compressors, because the entertainment at Clyde's is all on a cushion of air. There's a toddler area with inflatable obstacles for the two year old set to climb on, and it's surrounded by 3 ft tall inflatable walls and floating on an air mattress so your toddler can't wander off on her own or hurt himself by falling off the slide onto a hard floor.

Beyond the toddler area there are bounce houses, obstacle courses, various slides, and several arcade type games for the older kids. But there's no doubt that the crown jewel of the collection is the two story slide at the far end of the room. The big slide has the option of a mildly sloped curving slide on one side, or a near vertical dropping slide on the other. The milder slode doesn't really provide much movement, but the vertical slide has an exhilirating drop with a wedgie inducing stop at the bottom. The big slide and the other attractions are meant for older kids, but when the older kids aren't around a toddler could enjoy them also so long as a parent goes along for the ride. There are two semi-private rooms for parties (one with a princess theme), and a concession area with drinks and snacks. In the summer they plan to have outdoor attractions as well, including some wet slides.

Clyde's isn't a bad time for adults either. They encourage adults to use the attractions with their kids, though you to have to be mindful of all the kids around you. If you aren't into bouncing and using the slides they have a waiting area with two TVs and free wi-fi.

At $8 per kid (adults get in free with the kids) admission might be considered a little expensive for younger children who tire fairly quickly. The only other complaint is a smallish parking area which can fill up fairly quickly.

Clyde's is open seven days a week for open play, and they don't close down for private parties like most similar places. You can find them on Tennessee Boulevard in Lebanon, across from the fairgrounds. For more information you can contact them at 615-547-0006 or check them out online at their FaceBook page.


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