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Indoor fruit trees

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When most people think of citrus fruit like lemons, limes and oranges they think of the state of Florida where they do a large part of the citrus growing. Cold weather states are not known for their citrus trees. But you can easily grow your own citrus tree inside of your very own home. Now growing a dwarf fruit tree indoors can be a bit tricky at first but if you have a window anywhere in your home that the sun shines through then you are good to go. These trees don't get very tall so if you have an 8 foot ceiling you will be fine. They will also add a nice fragrance to the room. You want to water the plant thoroughly and daily but don't drown the tree and be sure to place it in direct sun light that shines through the window. Dwarf citrus trees can be purchased at a nursery or online and they can be mailed to your front door, easy as pie! Be sure to have a good sized pot to plant in and good soil, not dirt from your back yard.