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Indoor activities for kids: Lego challenge game

Giving kids a Lego challenge is a great way to spark imagination
Giving kids a Lego challenge is a great way to spark imagination
Jaelyn Jamik, copyright 2013

When you’re in need of fun, indoor games for kids, Lego challenges can be just the thing to pull kids out of their boredom and actually get them excited about being stuck inside. There are many ways to build with Legos and if you turn all those ways into a challenge, you’ll be amazed at the creations kids come up with.

If you have a huge collection of Lego bricks, or even just a bucket of Legos, you can play this Lego game. Besides Legos, all you need is a timer, and that can be as precise as an app on your phone or as general as watching the clock. Then, give kids a set time, such as 10 or 15 minutes, and tell them to build one of the following:

Any kind of:

Food or drink
Musical instrument
New invention

Something that has to do with:

A holiday
A Disney movie
Outer space

Something you’d see:

In a classroom
In the neighborhood
At the circus
At a construction site
At a movie theater
At the library
At a carnival
In the grocery store
In a house
At a campsite
On a farm
At the zoo
In your backyard
At a birthday party

Something that:

You wear
You ride on
Has buttons
Is square
Opens and closes
Is cold
Has lights

After each Lego challenge is complete, kids must take apart their creations to get ready for the next challenge. Be sure to have a camera on hand as most kids will want to remember the Lego creations they worked so hard to build. Plus, taking pictures of the Legos you build provides an opportunity for another rainy day activity–scrapbooking!

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