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Indonesian style at Surabaya Fashion Parade 'Niwasaba Nusantara 2014'

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The Indonesian town of Surabaya has been holding their 7th Annual Surabaya Fashion Parade or 'NIWASANA NUSANTARA 2014' over the past few days in May 2014, featuring the designs of Handy Hartono, Barli Asmara, Ichwan Thoha, Vielga Wennida, Djoko Sasongko and Yunita Kosasih, as well as the LaSalle College of Surabaya.

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In this collection, I’m focusing on Indonesian designs that celebrate the beauty and spirit of the Indonesian islands, rather than those that are Western-inspired and not discernable as Indonesian. The result is a brilliantly colorful and decidedly tropical addition to your summer wardrobe.

From Handy Hartono, expect gorgeous batiks in pastels, such as the lavender and cream sheath, topped with a lilac batik coat, as teamed with an aubergine leather handbag, that was showcased on the runway at the Simple Addiction show on day three at Tunjungan Plaza. The magenta sleeveless tunic, teamed with pale pink capris, wasn’t bad either.

Ichwan Thoha’s dresses were gorgeous as well – in particular the deep burgundy, pink and blue dress and the deep U-necked red batik dress. The batik printed trench coat, as worn by the male model, could work equally well on women as well!

Vielga Wennida offers a very pretty hot pink and turquoise dress and jacket set with luscious roses strewn across the front. Her brightly colored separates are very cute as well, in particular the embroidered top I have in the slideshow.

Djoko Sasongko featured a tasty frothy pink confection at the Tropical Chic show on May 1, setting the bar high for the rest of the show. Love how Djoko teams teal with toffee and tangerine. And the glossy silks are simply amazing!

As part of the Indigenous show, the white dresses, many embroidered, by Yunita Kosasih were perfect for summer. I’ve included a video of hers for your viewing pleasure.

In the Couture line, Barli Asmara wowed the crowds with pops of bright color, in particular the lime green pajamas, which were teamed with a golden top and long-flowing coral colored cape like coat. Also loved the mint green dress, which was topped off with the cropped turquoise jacket.

LaSalle College Surabaya has some very promising talent honing their designing skills as featured on the runway on day two, May 2, 2014, in particular the pretty lime, mint green and turquoise cocktail dress, worthy of any red carpet event!

There’s something for every taste from these Indonesian designers, whether it be traditional Indonesian or designs influenced by contemporary Western styles. Enjoy the slideshow and embedded video!


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