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'Indigenous Fine Art Market' kicks off, 'Santa Fe Indian Market' ready for 2014

Santa Fe Railyard
Santa Fe Railyard
Roscoe Pond

The “Indigenous Fine Art Market” (IFAM) runs from Aug. 21-23, 2014. There are 300 artist vendors who will line the “Santa Fe Railyard” over three days. IFAM have also lined up native dancers, bands, DJ's & a few fashion shows. On the first day, Thursday Aug. 21, IFAM brought curious artist fans to the railyard & ended with die hard music fans to watch “Cempoalli 20” & “Gary Farmer & the TroubleMakers.” It was a sunny & beautiful day for IFAM's first annual market.

Meanwhile, the “Santa Fe Indian Market” (SFIM) 2014 kicked off Thursday night with a live concert by “A Tribe Called Red” 8-10 p.m. at the “Concert on the Hill.” SFIM runs Aug. 22-24, 2014. It has been held at the Santa Fe Plaza for decades & the downtown streets were cut off in preparation Thursday night. The Santa Fe trails bus system has moved out of the plaza down to Alvarado street as it's main stop.

The organizers of IFAM shocked the Santa Fe community by breaking away from SFIM & its' parent organization called the “Southwestern Association for Indian Arts” (SWAIA). IFAM has been doing major publicity in local newspapers & magazines to promote their first annual market. The weekly “Santa Fe Reporter” has spotlighted IFAM with a nice inside program. IFAM's 300 artist vendors have added to the already crowded SFIM vendors with 250. That doesn't include the plaza vendors who sell all year round & the gallery owners.

There will be 1500 artist vendors to choose from this week & weekend. Artist fans are eating up the news of more artwork to purchase with IFAM. It is said that the filthy rich from around the world fly into New Mexico. They buy tens of thousand's of dollars worth or art from their favorite artists early Saturday morning. Then, they leave Santa Fe by 10 a.m. Native Artist's have built their clientele over the years during SFIM. Now, with IFAM jumping into the arena. New artists can show their own unique brand of ideas to clients who love native art, paintings, jewelry, pottery etc.,

IFAM opened up with rain on this Friday morning Aug. 22, 2014. Roscoe Pond walked the Railyard & art fans are braving it all with their umbrellas. IFAM is open all day & will go into the evening toward its' first fashion show at & 7 p.m. called, “Prismatic.” It will feature 9 fashion & jewelry designers & Roscoe will be on hand to report.