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Indiegogo incentive launched online by Naples' resident and film producer

On June 28, 2014, the incentive project at Indiegogo for the film "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon," was launched! The website launch already has several contributors making donations to this great cause. The actual launch party was held from 4-6 p.m. on Marco Island, Fla.

Film bracelet prop - learn more at Indiegogo
Movie prop, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission
Indiegogo launch
Indiegogo Launch, Image: Courtesy, used with permission

The official launch was held in the Rose History Auditorium at the Marco Island Historical Society and Museum. It is there, too, where much of the footage for the video took place.

"The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon," which is in its pre-production stage, wrapped its crowdfunding campaign video last week. They shot it in Naples, Sanibel and Marco Islands. Richard Watts, who resides in Naples, is the film's writer and producer.

Richard, what is this film or video incentive project about?

"This film project is an exciting new indie film on Facebook and is currently being development in Naples and surrounding areas. We've been shooting the incentive video in Naples and the other SW Florida locations. They have been the perfect locations to shoot.

Now, our incentive video work is paying off. Tonight is the launch party, held in the Rose History Auditoruim on Marco, and our Indiegogo page is already live and operating. To top it off, many contributors have already submitted to the cause. Here is my first of many thank yous to them - thanks!"

In addition to this being a unique take on the historical Juan Ponce de Leon, there is a surprise talent within the video and film's cast members. All the cast, are of course, talented, but only one is actually related to the conquistador himself!

That talented young lady is actress and model Austin Graham. Austin, how are you related to Mr. Ponce?

"Juan Ponce de Leon, the famed explorer, is my 14th great-great-grandfather. My grandmother spent most of her life documenting the lineage of our family and wrote a book about such heritage as well. My mother, Dee Graham, compiled our family tree with the help of an expert in Spanish paleography. I'm honored to appear in both the video and film footage explaining the story and my role in it."

In addition to actors, many other hats are worn to get such a project off its feet. From cast and crew, thanks go to many!

Thank you to Lori Wagor, and others, with the Marco Island Historical Society (MIHS). Thanks also go to all others who helped with this shoot, especially to one person responsible for most of the talent. That person is Geri Muck with Protocol Models on the Gulf. Thank you Geri!

To learn even more about the incentive program, video and future feature film "The 4th Letter," AND to contribute, go to Concept Trailer.

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