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IndieFeed podcast, food for your indie music appetite

IndieFeed, your human music filter
IndieFeed, your human music filter
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Living on an island can prove difficult when trying to expand one’s indie music repertoire. If you are craving indie music, IndieFeed is just what may satiate your appetite.

IndieFeed introduces fresh, high quality independent music via one-song-show podcasts on itunes, zune, and their website. There is no automated selection system for any of the podcasts. Every full length song is picked by real people, who really care. The music is always interesting as well as inspired.

There are six featured categories of indie music which allow the picky palette to navigate the schmorgesborg of music easily and efficiently: Alt Rock, Indie Pop, Hip Hop, Electronica, Dance and Blues. While each genre is unique, each is a tasty slice of the indie music pie.

One of the best things about IndieFeed is the cost, it’s free! It’s easy to subscribe. Just type “Indiefeed” in the iTunes store search bar, then click subscribe on the podcast icon. Whenever a new episode is available, your computer will download it automatically. It’s that simple.

Don’t get swallowed up by spending hours sifting through 20 second snippets of bland bands and imitation indie. Subscribe to IndieFeed to replenish your indie music deficient diet.

Watch the video below for a taste of what IndieFeed has to offer.

Midnight Masses, Preacher's Son


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