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Indiecade: A fresh direction

If you have a good thing going, there is no need to try to change it. The formula for music, movies, and video games is so abstract that it can become frustrating at times to create a popular album, movie, or game only to watch it go out of style in 6 months. The fear of failure, especially in these tough economic times, is the primary motivation for companies to recycle popular ideas and create as many spin-offs and sequels as their budget will allow. When this happens, we as a society, become bored and over-stimulated by the new sparkle on the same old concept. Much like Sundance in Utah, Indiecade, in downtown Culver City California, showcases the independent video gamer. Their passion for creating a place to allow the world to see some really exciting new games is a cool breeze of air in the stagnant terrain of sequels and knock-offs. The designers that show off their games bring a fun and innovative style that just might cause the video game world to take notice. With the casual game market expected to grow 4 times its current size by 2011, these innovative games that challenge the gamer to think outside the box or just relax within their house, will prove to be a valuable backbone in the ever expanding video game market.