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Indie Thriller Goes to the Crowd for Digital Distribution

With your help, this entertaining and sexy independent feature has a chance at obtaining international distribution!

AJ Bell

If you don't already know, Resurrection of Serious Rogers is an independent feature film that was shot in 2010 in and around Los Angeles. The story is akin to The Usual Suspects meets The Professional as a female assassin seeking redemption rescues a nanny caught up in deadly politics and must protect her from a drug-addicted FBI agent out for justice, a military hero out for revenge and the Mystery man who controls their fate.

Told via a fly-on-the-wall perspective, the backstory of Sarah “Serious” Rogers unfolds via an interrogation between Trixie, a seductive temptress and Agent Martin of the FBI. As Trixie weaves a tale about a highly skilled assassin who went mad it becomes unclear what parts of the story are fact and which are fiction. Trixie lures Martin in with her confounding story but she begins to suspect that Martin’s intentions aren’t about the job, but revenge. The cat and mouse game continues with the roles changing back and forth. As the story continues to unfold we learn about Ms. Rogers — the perfect assassin who suffered heartbreak and shame, turning her into an emotional killing machine. We learn about all the players: the perverted senator, Victoria Ritchey, with a fetish for young women; Mystary, a puppeteer of men who’s plugged into government and organized crime; a rogue, drug-addicted FBI agent, Hooper, whose career was ruined by the Mystary; and Vanity, a nemesis of epic proportions. RSR is NOT your typical indie art project. It's sexy, provocative, brutal and bloody!

RSR is actually 100% done! The film was wrapped in 2011, and it premiered in New York City at the Breakthrough Film Festival in June 2014. The film’s largest achievement was garnering 35,000+ free downloads in Europe to build international awareness in just under a year. But that is where the story of RSR's success ends. What happened since then? Honestly, the creators wanted to explore all forms of digital distribution, but became embroiled in several new projects including an epic fantasy and a new thriller with A-list stars attached. All the while they were juggling some awesome opportunities to develop and pitch shows for network television (via NBCUniversal and its affiliates). Finally, after a lull they were able to focus on RSR and develop a strategy to get the film distributed on multiple digital distribution platforms.

Statistically, more people consume content via internet streaming methods than any other format. That's why YOUR help is needed. You can enjoy socially conscious movies and documentaries -- but sometimes you just want to sit down and be entertained for 90 mins and forget the problems of the world. Be transported into a different state of being, a different world and watch the characters. If you are the same YOUR HELP is needed. Your help will go towards packaging RSR for digital and traditional distribution. This will include getting the movie transferred into a higher resolution, encoding and exporting it into various industry formats, printing artwork and other materials, and all legal and administrative fees associated with obtaining distribution.

Resurrection of Serious Rogers is listed on the worldwide crowdfunding site, ROCKETHUB here: -

If you can, please make a donation. If you cannot make a donation, please help out by sharing this page and spreading the word about my campaign. The more exposure this page gets, the better the chances of getting RSR distributed! It was through the help of family, friends, performers, artists, composers and complete strangers that RSR made it this far. Your help in getting it much further and out to the world is appreciated!

Resurrection of Serious Rogers -

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