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Indie Spotlight: One Perfect Shot

twitter page
twitter page
One Perfect Shot

Instead of just making movies, some independent minds have a love and appreciation of it that can know no bounds. Some will spend hours watching films in their free time, others will try to dazzle their acquaintances with their cinematic brilliance, some will even become freelance writers for a website that allows them a platform to spout about all things movies for money (I for one, accept my overlords). Some however will go above and beyond to show their love, and we can appreciate their work as they help grow film's base.

One of these projects is the twitter account One Perfect Shot. This account has been compiling shots from movies (a perfect shot) and posting them on their page. These shots can come from as classic movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey to less classic fair (or possibly more notorious than classic) like Tank Girl. Granted this was only the examples I could find today, there are many more movies this account has displayed.

Now, the creators of the page are looking to take One Perfect Shot to the next level, by creating its own website where fans of cinema can vote on their favorite perfect shots for the genre, and they can keep uploading shots for their pleasure. Their overarching goal as well is to create an inclusive, social platform where all movie-lovers can go to look at some great shots. That is why they have launched an IndieGoGo page to raise money for the project.

The description of how they will use said funds is explained on the page itself:

"The funds we raise will be used to cover the cost of web-programming (which will be highly customized), server management, and original art for the site. If we reach our stretch goal of $12,000, we’ll be able shoot and edit our new web series that will break down specific scenes in film and recommend titles and shots in film history. Should we go beyond the stretch goal, we’ll begin production of the One Perfect Shot app for iOS and Android. You were the key to One Perfect Shot reaching over 60,000 subscribers on Twitter, you created this community, and with your help it will become the next great film website and hopefully inspire a new generation of perfect shots."

Those are lofty and noble goals, and I really hope they achieve them. You can help by sharing their IndieGoGo page which was linked to in this story or just get word of mouth out, if that happens the will certainly reach their goal.

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