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Indie Spotlight: Best Damn Advice Ever:10 Real Signs that He's Cheating On You

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Best Damn Advice Ever: 10 Real Signs that He's Cheating On You

Finding out if he is cheating on you can be a costly, time consuming, and a very painful thing to do. But you need to know as soon as possible if he really is cheating. You want the truth so that you can make the necessary choices for your happiness and future. There are many ways to tell if a man is cheating on you, but how many of those ways are actually accurate? This book pinpoints the ten signs that tell cheating with accuracy. No more relying on what others have to say, gadgetry, or other options that leave you with nothing more than questions.

Here is your answer. This book is the solution to your problem. This book reveals the secrets that no cheating man wants any woman to know. These are the tricks and tactics that all cheaters use to cheat. After you have read this book you will have a profound understanding of cheating, why it happens, what to do about it, and how to detect it every time. You will learn the secrets of cheaters, and you will never again be a victim of his cheating. This book comes with a cheat detection sheet and even provides an email address to where you can get help with detecting cheating, and it even comes with two bonus chapters for free. Everything that you need to know about cheating is in this book. Don't suffer anymore, and don't wonder anymore. Find out today if he's really cheating.

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In order for any relationship to begin it has to be built with trust and respect. It takes a lot of work to earn someone’s trust. It takes a lot of work to earn someone’s respect. There is a lot of proving yourself that has to be done. This is no easy task to accomplish. People who don’t know you have to take a chance on you. They have to take a risk to trust you. This means that the person has to work hard to prove that they’re deserving of that respect. They have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are worthy of that trust.

Once a person has your trust and respect it is their responsibility to treasure and take care of that trust. Once trust is gone it is so hard to get it back if you can manage to get it back at all. When a person trusts you there are putting their well being in your hands. They’re operating on faith that you’ll do the right thing for them and by them. They’re expecting you to take care of them in all ways that a love one is supposed to. Trust means reliability in someone’s ability to do what is right by you. When that trust is shattered so is that reliability, that faith, and that security that trust gives.

Cheating is wrong for several reasons. The most obvious of them is the fact that cheating creates and inflicts pain on a person. Betrayal is an emotion that erodes a person’s belief system. It changes how a person sees other people. It changes their mindset. It hinders their freedom to be able to risk and love again. It holds them back from being able to move forward. Most times when a person survives cheating they’re usually unable for a while to get past that pain. For some people they never get past it. It truly changes the way they view and believe in love. This shift in perspective has caused some people to never fall in love again. Some people are so broken that they never are able to fully love anyone ever again.

That person may never fully recover from the pain that cheating has brought into their life. This means that they may never find the person they always wanted to love. Some people become so bitter by cheating that they become cheaters themselves. Their mission in life is to inflict the same kind of pain that was done to them. They believe that this is the way love is, and why should they attempt to change it. They may spend the rest of their life detached from sharing the love they always wanted. This is what cheating does to some people.

Another reason why cheating is wrong is that it destroys families. The horrible pain that is wreaked on the children shapes and molds them into the people they become. They may not be as trusting as they once used to be. They may feel that they don’t deserve love. They may believe no one deserves their love. It can take them decades to sort out what is right and wrong about love. It will take a lot of bad experiences with relationships in order for them to understand. Having to experience the negative effects of cheating can make it difficult for them to find the love that they want and the love they deserve.

Cheating is an act of aggression against you!

Cheating is wrong because it is an act of destruction. It’s an act of aggression. It’s an act of emotional violence on another person. Cheating can destroy in one moment what it has taken decades to create. There have been businesses, families, and organizations that have been took down all because of cheating. Cheating definitely is a very destructive thing. When someone chooses to cheat they’re choosing to be harmful, violent, and aggressive towards you. No matter the reason why they did it. What is so sad about cheating is that the cheater themselves aren’t exempt from the effects. They suffer just as much as the person who was cheated on. Go figure why it continues to happen.

Cheating also robs a person of time. The most precious gift that you can ever give anyone is your time. Those days, months, and years that you have spent dedicated to being loving and giving to someone can never be recovered, and can never be used somewhere else. They are gone forever. Those were moments you could’ve spent with someone who really appreciated you. That is time you could’ve been spent with someone who cherished you enough to not disrespect you like that. Those are years that are gone forever. Who has the right to steal that time from your life for utter nonsense? No one has this right.

There are many other reasons why cheating is wrong. The fact is people have always done it, and probably will continue to do it. The one thing that I do know is that you can’t let someone’s choice to do you wrong affect you negatively for the rest of your life. Always remember that this was a choice that someone else made, and isn’t a reflection of what you deserve. No matter what the reason that person says. Most cheaters will always deflect by saying it was you. The truth is it wasn’t. It was all about that person, because the choice to cheat was their decision.

About the author:

Z. R. Moore is a life and relationship coach, freelance writer, and author. Her life's goal is to help as many people as she can by helping them to solve the problems that hold them back in life. She really enjoys writing articles and books that teach people new skills that they can use to make things better for themselves.

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