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Indie Spotlight: : #Berlin45, #Tokyo45, #Havana62, #Houston70 by Philip Gibson

#Berlin45, #Tokyo45, #Havana62, #Houston70 by Philip Gibson
#Berlin45, #Tokyo45, #Havana62, #Houston70 by Philip Gibson
Philip Gibson

#Berlin45, #Tokyo45, #Havana62, #Houston70 by Philip Gibson

Hashtag Histories: A New Literary Format?

What if social media had existed throughout the 20th century?

A new series of e-books produced by author Philip Gibson explores important historical events through the lens of imagined posts on social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.); posts written by the main participants in those events.

The first two works in the series (#Berlin45 and #Tokyo45) draw on extensively-researched and detailed historical records to examine how the main actors in World War II (Hitler, Churchill, Truman, Stalin, Hirohito, et. al.) might have posted their thoughts on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis if social media had existed during the final days of the war.

The result is an accurate, gripping and page-turning account of the war’s final days, providing an apparent front row seat from which to observe the thoughts and actions of the main participants.

The series is titled ‘Hashtag Histories’ and the third book, #Havana62 (about the Cuban Missile Crisis), has already been published on Amazon. Many more histories presented in this unique format are in the pipeline for release later this year.

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Author Bio

Philip Gibson is a teacher and author of over thirty books on ESL, history and historical fiction. He has taught and lived in (in order): England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Laos.

In 1991, he took up a position in Laos, met and married a Lao lady and now lives with his wife and two teenage boys on their small farm on the forested banks of the Nam Ngum River (tributary of the Mekong) about 25 miles from the capital city of Vientiane. Philip is a lover of history, especially modern history, and his main writing focus now is to continue to produce historical works written in the unique form of social media feeds.

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