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Indie Rock Ranger Presents Summer Spectacular at The Sinclair

Richard Bouchard, founder of Indie Rock Ranger Presents, has decided to do a Summer Spectacular show this year instead of a Holiday Spectacular show. He says the change is due to the treacherous Boston winters, but it may also be because of the incredible anticipation of the bill of Boston bands for this year’s show.

Indie Rock Ranger Presents Summer Spectacular
Daykamp Creative

Sidewalk Driver, The Venetia Fair, Salita, and The Color and Sound will be performing at The Sinclair on July 19. Tickets are available for $12 and the show is 18+.

Richard Bouchard provided why this year's Summer Spectacular show should not be missed and background on Indie Rock Ranger Presents. Indie Rock Ranger Presents offers a unique approach in a city that contains countless promoters and bookers.

So why should fans venture out to this year's Summer Spectacular at The Sinclair?

Richard Bouchard: Obviously I'm biased towards "my" show (mine in that I set it up), but I do think these bigger-room shows are somewhat important, as far as reminding the larger spaces that a well planned, well thought out, local show can bring in just as many people as a national tour, and that the bands and fans right here at home share an important voice and deserve to be paid attention to.

Plus it's just going to be a great time - the room sounds amazing, great bar, beautiful space, and wonderful bands.

When did you create Indie Rock Ranger Presents?

RB: Well, I started Indie Rock Ranger Presents when I closed up shop on Boston Band Crush. I still wanted to present shows, but under my own name on my own terms, so I just rolled into Indie Rock Ranger Presents in December of 2012.

There are a lot of bookers in Boston what do you think it is that separates you from the pack?

RB: I think we all do things differently and with different motivation. After booking a club full time, my focus is on doing fewer shows, but shows that are more important to me. Not everybody has the ability to do that, though, if it's your job to book a room, you can't spend the hours and hours of time I spend on my one big show.

So what I bring is full on promotion and effort. If people don't come to one of my shows, I don't want it to be because they didn't know about it.

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