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Indie rock band Giantist to release final album 'Kin'

Justin Matheus

Giantist, an indie rock band from Boston, haunts listeners with a chilling sound that lingers long after listening. They will be releasing their final full-length album, "Kin", on July 1. Giantist's vocalist and guitarist, Sean Foe, on songwriting, recording, the band's move to Seattle, and what the future holds for Giantist.

How has the songwriting/recording process changed for your upcoming release "Kin"?

Sean Foe: With "Kin", I took a more direct approach with structuring each individual song and the album as a whole. The lyrics were very intentionally telling the same story from different perspectives, which is very different for me, since I usually write about internal subjects.

The recording process was the biggest change, though. We tracked all of the songs live as trio to tape in a hollowed out old church that was converted into a studio. We hadn't done any of those things before this album, but they were all very positive changes for our sound.

You've recently moved to Seattle. How does the local music scene compare to your hometown of Boston?

SF: To be frank, we've felt as though the artists in Seattle have a larger sense of community than Boston does. We all love Boston, but with all of the college bands and people jumping ship to NYC, I think things change too rapidly for my personal preference.

We've been blown away by the professionalism of the venues and the caliber of most of the bands we've made friends with in Seattle. It's really great.

Giantist formed in 2011 and the band has went through a lot of changes over the past three years, what's the future hold for you?

SF: Emily Koo, our bassist, and I have a new project called Echo Ravine. We're releasing some music through a label that I just started called Noise Poetry Tapes. We have some shows set up in Seattle and Portland for the summer. We're pretty excited about it!

As you mentioned Emily Koo is part of your new project Echo Ravine, and as many know you are both in a relationship with one another. How does it impact your songwriting, recording, and live performances being in a relationship with a band mate?

SF: Well Emily and I became friends about 10 years ago now, so I'd say it doesn't affect any of the processes, really. I share my songs with my best friend, then she adds her ideas, then we perform and record them.

Her and I have been on the same page, musically, since the first conversation we've ever had which is actually why we became friends in the first place. It's not often that things come that naturally, and we appreciate the bonds we have together.

With Giantist coming to an end can you share a few of your favorite band memories?

SF: Oh, where do I start? Four Point Restraints' EP release show for "Mercy" was a hootenanny. Our CD release party was a really good time. Our first tour was really great, too! We partied a lot and pulled some pretty good pranks on each other, as you might remember! I was glad that both you and 4PR made it out to that NYC show.

Listen to Giantist at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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