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Indie rap phenom, Uncle Reece talks about his new album, 'Bold' and his faith

Christian Hip Hop artist Uncle Reece's Google Hangout just wrapped up. In a live, 36-minute session, Uncle Reece took questions from fans about Christian culture, his beliefs, his music and his hair.

Uncle Reece
Uncle Reece/Courtesy

The Jacksonville, Fla. native's album, "Bold" comes out on June 3. On "Bold," Uncle Reece promises to give us more of his ecclectic (his musical influences include Outkast, Tye Tribbet, Mali Music, Jah Cure, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson), energetic, Christ-infused music.

The latest single off the album, “Until I Pass Out," peaked at no. 21 on Gospel Billboard charts, which is an amazing feat for an independent artist.

You can pre-order and preview "Bold" now on iTunes.

Some highlights from the conversation:

Fan: What do you want listeners to walk away with after listening to "Bold."

Uncle Reece: I put "Bold" together because I wanted to be bold. I wanted a way to share my faith. Nowadays a lot of people in the culture digress when it comes to Christianity. We need to turn up and turn up in a real way. The world is screaming real loud everything that they feel , whether it's right or not.
After you walk away, you need to understand that you have a voice, and people are going to listen to what you have to say.

Fan: How did you start your journey in music, getting noticed, etc.

Uncle Reece: For me, my journey started with a desire to make music. I had to get management and people who believed in what I did and had faith in where I was going. You wanna work hard and grind, grind, grind like there is no tomorrow.

Fan: What verse do you hold the closest to you?

Uncle Reece: On the Bold intro, I say that I want to put the truth in their face. I don't just go through the motions. I want to lift Christianity for real.

Fan: A recent American Bible Society survey said that African-Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Bible. Do you agree? Do you think church is still relevant to African Americans? If so, why does it seem like it's not?

Uncle Reece: The word of God is never going to be irrelevant. I agree that church is relevant. People don't get along. People don't always do what you want them to do. For me, it's about finding a church that fits in with your idea of the culture you are a part of. There are a lot of churches that give you an opportunity to be who you are.

Fan: Are you looking for new producers?

Uncle Reece: I'm always looking for new producers. If you're talented, I'd love to do something with you.

Fan: How long have you been growing your hair?

Uncle Reece: I've been growing my hair for 13 years.

Fan: What do you want the world to get out of your music?

Uncle Reece: I want the world to understand that we are free and ain't nobody gonna make up shut up about it. We not gonna be quiet about what we believe.

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