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Indie Music Mondays: Monday, June 16th, 2014 - Sun-Soaked Playlist

Tunes that sound like summer.
Tunes that sound like summer.
Yours Truly

Here are five sun-soaked sizzlers, one for each day of the week. Come Saturday, the Summer Solstice will be here. That means summer is just around the corner. Can you believe it? I can. So let's celebrate!

Coves - Last Desire

This song is my last desire, my first desire, and every desire in-between. I have this synth-drenched stomper on infinite repeat. Its trippy swirls and woozy choruses get me every time.

Painted Palms - Forever

Mix the Beatles with Animal Collective, then top that with shimmery electronica, and you got yourself some Painted Palms. Blending hard-hitting sonic boom and gooey electronics, you're delighted with a sugary psych pop treat.

Blood Cultures - Indian Summer

Melodic, catchy, and dare I say heavenly, this dreamy tune comes from a mysterious musician, one who has presumably produced this song as a soloist. There's not much out there in the blogosphere about the NJ-based Blood Cultures. But when it comes to "Indian Summer," one thing's for sure: me likey.

Dive In - Let Go

If this song doesn't scream "SUMMER!" to you, you must be deaf. It's a happy and whimsical track, designed for the sole purpose of giving you the feel-good fuzzies. If you're not in the mood for a pop-induced sugar rush, check out the chillwave remix by mastermind producer EMBRZ. It's not as upbeat, but it's every bit as delicious.

Reptar - Stuck In My Id

Stuck in your head? Or stuck in your id? Trick question. They're the same thing and this danceable gem will get stuck in both.

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