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Indie Music Mondays: March 31st, 2014 - Out Like a Lamb Playlist

March goes out like a lamb.
Yours Truly

We're just one day away from April. Spring has officially sprung! What better way to celebrate the calm, peaceful weather than with some calm, peaceful indie tunes?

Here are five golden nuggets to cheer your chakras:

MuteMath - In No Time (Pierce Fulton Remix)

I associate MuteMath, a kickass alternative rock band, with amped up music that gets my blood pumping. But this Pierce Fulton remix gets my heart pumping. Its composition feels like one of those first perfect days of spring: warm, uplifting, and absolutely exquisite. This track is nothing short of divine.

Yeasayer - Sunrise

Spring arrives when the sun crosses the equator, when the days and nights become equal in length. After that, until the summer solstice occurs, each day gets longer and longer. Longer days mean earlier sunrises. Earlier sunrises are fine by me, especially when indie bands like Yeasayer accompany them with sick beats.

Blood Cultures - Mercury Child

My playlists wouldn't be complete without at least one hazy synth track. And how could they? Chilled out bliss tunes like this one induce euphoria with their bright, bouncy rhythms and sexy, muffled vocals.

Painted Palms - Canopy

Not sure what to do on your beautiful spring day? Electronic pop duo Painted Palms offers a suggestion. "Oh, I know what to do… sit here, sit here, sit here, sit here, sit here with you…" Their words glide atop a buoyant backing of psychedelic awesome sauce. After hearing this happy song, I know what I want to do... press the repeat button over, and over, and over, and over, and over with you.

Beach House - Zebra

We'll close things off with a peaceful pearl. This dreamy track pulls you in with its lush instrumentation, and then tickles your soul with its crescendoing percussion. Throw in some warm, shimmery vocals, and you'll float away, just like a petal from a cherry tree.

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