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Indie Music Mondays: June 30th, 2014 - Blissful Singer-Songwriter Pop

Singer-songwriter music to make you happy.
Singer-songwriter music to make you happy.
Yours Truly

I love me some singer-songwriters. Though I'm a junkie for electronic music, there's something about a stripped down sound that moves me in a different way. It might not motivate me to move on the dance floor, but it's like without all those layers of computerized instrumentation, the music becomes one step closer. It's more down-to-earth. More personal. More intimate.

My favorite kind of singer-songwriter music to cozy up to is the kind that's packed with feel-good awesomeness. And the only thing that feels better than listening to feel-good music is sharing feel-good music.

So here you go, my friends. Five slices of bliss for your listening pleasure.

1. Greg Laswell - How The Day Sounds

How does the day sound? Much better whenever I listen to piano popster Greg Laswell. I love this guy. He's like a singer-songwritery version of Keane. Crank open your windows, welcome in the warm summer air, and bedazzle yourself with this joyous celebration.

2. Jon McLaughlin - Beating My Heart

Jon McLaughlin is another piano pop mister who will get your eardrums in a twister. But not only will your heart beat, "Beating My Heart" will also make your heart soar as you're buoyed up by the song's rolling melodies. If you're in the mood for a romantic romp, then you've gotta take this gorgeous ballad for a spin.

3. Caroline Smith - Magazine

A white chic doing a soul song about self-acceptance? Seriously, how many more times do we have to go through this? Once more. (At least). Though this song has all the trappings of a double-stuffed cheese cliché, listen to it anyway. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Caroline Smith conjures up her inner Beyoncé in a way that makes folk fierce.

4. Melanie - Brand New Key

Also known as "The Rollerskate Song," "Brand New Key" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 back in '71. That was a good year. Or so I'm told. If we're basing that on the lighthearted nature of this smile-inducer, I can believe it.

5. Matt Pond - Love To Get Used

Not since Bill Withers has getting used sounded so good. Unfortunately, I don't know this personally, since Matt Pond's set was cancelled last minute at last year's XPoNential Festival. I was totally bummed. But oh well. At least I get to share his catchy pop brilliance with you today.

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