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Indie Music Mondays: July 28th, 2014 - Beach Bum Playlist

Are you a beach bum?  Are you not a beach bum?  Cool, listen to this playlist.
Are you a beach bum? Are you not a beach bum? Cool, listen to this playlist.
Yours Truly

I'm not at all a beach bum because I hate sand, New Jersey, and sitting on my ass all day. Despite that, this week will be the best ever to go to the beach. The weather will be bright and sunny and in the comfortable 80s, not disgusting and swelteringly hellish like it normally is this time of year. Also, my cousins will be there. Given these circumstances, it might've been one of the rare times I could've been convinced to go to the shore in the summer. But alas, I have a pre-existing commitment, so I can't go.

Instead, I'll have to be there in spirit, which means in playlists and cupcakes. I've made a "Beach Bum Playlist" for my older cousin, and "Teddy-At-The-Beach" cupcakes for my younger cousins. I would love to share the cupcakes with you because they're so freakin' adorable. But since 3-D baking printers aren't the norm (yet), we'll instead have to settle for my way neat-o acoustic-y beachy playlist.

Xavier Rudd - Follow The Sun

If you want to be moved to tears by the beauty of music, then you've gotta check this one out. (Watch the video too.) Xavier Rudd is an Australian multi-instrumentalist who's known for his rootsy stylings and didgeridoo. This song doesn't incorporate the didgeridoo, but it does incorporate harmonica with a methodic drumbeat and a lightly strummed guitar. The result is a sublime piece of hippie perfection.

Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard

This fun track is off of Paul Simon's 1972 self-titled album. The presence of the cuica, a Brazillian friction drum often used in samba, gives the song a decidedly warm and summery feel. Though the subject matter of the song isn't so light, the percussion feels as playful and bouncy as a game of beach volleyball.

Dawn Landes - Sun Street

Speaking of balls, and I don't mean the kind that come in banana hammocks, music supervisors are seriously dropping the ball on this one. Dawn Landes' "Sun Street" is the quintessential acoustic summer beach song. It's short, simple, sweet, and pleasantly half-baked -- the perfect backdrop for a box office rom-com or a lazy lounge on the beach.

Donavon Frankenreiter - Free

Here's another one that has summer written all over it. It's Jack Johnson-esque, which I guess makes sense, since Jack Johnson produced it. Donavon Frankenreiter is a professional surfer and his mellow, beachy lightheartedness shines through on this good-timey pearl.

Vance Joy - Riptide (FlicFlac Edit)

I already shared the original of this song in an IMM playlist I made last summer. It's not in good playlist form to repeat songs, but I suppose this technically isn't a repeat since it's a remix. Either way, I don't really care because I just found out about this track and it's way too good NOT to share. Here's how the blog KLA Music describes it: "Steady chilled out dance beats laid down with ukuleles, folk/pop 'oooh's' and whistles are just a few things that make this track so catchy and an instant favorite." Couldn't say it better myself, so I won't.

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