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Indie Music Mondays: July 21st, 2014 - Space Songs Playlist

Space out as you listen to these tunes.
Space out as you listen to these tunes.
Yours Truly

Total geek alert. I'm about to purchase a telescope. And I'm so freakin' excited! As a diehard fan of shows like Through the Wormhole, Cosmos, and How the Universe Works, I thought it was high time to turn off the TV and step outside. Because why armchair travel when you can space travel?

If you're a fellow star-gazer, bump this playlist with me and let's get this celestial party started! (Let's just pray no party poopers show up.)

Digital Farm Animals feat. Ofei - Adore You

If Sade was coated in gloss and showered in synth, you'd get this electrifyingly lush soul jam. The outstanding vocals are heavily effected, yet they're also rich and full of life. The beautifully crafted production is top-notch as well. This is a space stunner you'll definitely adore.

The Bird Day - Space Feeling

What does space feel like? I have no effin' idea. But if it sounds anything like this, then strap me to a rocket and send me to the moon. The song's catchy hooks and fun falsetto remind me of of Montreal, whom like Digital Farm, I absolutely adore. However, The Bird Day is a little less abstract and a little more pop than of Montreal, which makes them more accessible to mainstream listeners. (Download "Space Feeling" for free on Neon Tape Deck.)

Kasabian - Butcher Blues

Kasabian sings about "losing control," which seems fitting, because that's exactly what "Butcher Blues" will make you do. It's a slow-burner that pulses with throbbing bass. Though these Manchester rock vets now have five albums under their belt, I'm still jamming out to their 2004 debut for blissed-out space rock like this.

The Knocks - Savior (ft. Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot)

The Knocks, an indie electronic duo, have teamed up with Wes Miles of indie rock band Ra Ra Riot to make this decadent nu-disco track. Its deep and dreamy beats and glitchy electro sounds give it a futuristic space-agey feel. If you ever find yourself at an after-hours club on Mars, you can count on the DJ working this groovy number into her cosmic set.

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