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Indie Music Mondays: February 17th, 2014 - Snowy Horse Ride Playlist

These songs make you feel like you're taking a wintery horse ride.
Yours Truly

One of the things I like to do it when it's snowy, when the roads aren't too treacherous, is to drive through Saint Peter's Village. Saint Peter's Village is a woodsy area nestled next to the French Creek. It's about an hour outside of the city, in Chester County. The town's old-timey historic vibe makes you feel like you're the age of the horse-and-buggy, not the internet.

One other thing that makes you feel like you're in a horse-and-buggy is this playlist. Each of its songs have a melodic rhythm that are like the clacking of horse hooves. They're magical. As I drive through Saint Peter's Village and the surrounding French Creek State Park, I pretend I'm in Narnia, taking a horse carriage ride through a fairytale winter wonderland.

I know how dorky that sounds. But at least the songs are cool.

Brandi Carlile — Have You Ever

Have you ever listened to Brandi Carlile's "Have You Ever?" If you haven't, then play this song as you lie on your back and stare into the sky. Then ask yourself why.

Laura Hill — Blue Skies (Click on the link and go to #12. You can download this song, as well as many others, for free.)

It's winter and most people don't want to go outside. They want to stay warm inside. But I like the cold. So does Laura Hill. Laura Hill also loves her walking shoes. She tells us this in "Blue Skies." Well, guess what, Laura Hill. I love your song. It feels like paradise.

HAERTS — Hemiplegia

Maybe you're not like Laura Hill and me. Maybe you don't like the cold. Maybe you like it hot. If that sounds like you, then this sounds like your song. HAERTS' slow-burning "Hempilegia" will scorch you with the hotness of lead singer Nin Fabi's vocals. After you've been burnt to a crisp by this track's synthy sexiness, you'll find yourself fading away into the after glow.

Edith Beake — Close To God

I don't believe in God. I don’t not believe in God either. For the most part, I'm a staunch agnostic. But every once in a while something will come along that makes me question my agnosticism. The thing's sheer beauty will make me stop and say, "Wow, this is proof of God's existence." This song is one of those things.

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