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Indie Music Mondays: February 10th, 2014 - Sweet, Sweet Love Playlist

Put on this playlist and make some sweet, sweet love.
Put on this playlist and make some sweet, sweet love.
Yours Truly

If you want to get your sugar in the mood for some sweet, sweet lovin' this Valentine's Day, you could take her out to a romantic dinner, you could give her a box of decadent chocolates, or you could just put on this playlist.

Here are five sexy songs sure to rev up your lady's love engine.

Max Frost - Nice and Slow

I saved the best for first. There is no way you can play this steamy romper and not get down and dirty. This slinky track mixes bluesy stylings and soulful crooning with a modern hip-hop beat. It's audio sex in its purest form.

Coma - My Orbit

Once you've set the stage, put on this Jamiroquai-esque track to seal the deal. The groove to this song is warm, relaxing, and smooth. It feels like it has been sprinkled with glitter and gold.

Washed Out - Call It Off

Things have heated up, but that's no reason to race to the finish line. Savor the moment with the dreamy, expansive chillwave music of singer-songwriter Ernest Greene (aka Washed Out). This blissful tune will only enhance your euphoria as you float away on Cloud 9.

(Download Washed Out's euphoric b-side track here for free.)

Poliça - Violent Games

Listening to "Violent Games" makes you feel like you're running through a jungle at midnight. It's lush and filled with energy, and its intense tribal drums give the song a climactic undercurrent that's present throughout. If that doesn't make you work up a sweat, then Channy Leaneagh's seductive reverb-soaked vocals certainly will.

Phantogram - You Are The Ocean

What sexy indie music playlist would be complete without a Phantogram song? Not this one. The song's slow-burning churn and rhythmic simplicity provide a gentle landing as you make your way back down to Earth.

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