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Indie hard rockers, Ume, take Soda Bar by storm

Ume (pronounced OOO-may) may not be a popular name thrown about, but what they lack in fame, they make up for in dirty, gritty, live shows. But in the best way.

Ume live at the Soda Bar-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

Formed in Austin, Texas in 2006, Ume is constantly being hailed as the next big thing, gaining support from rock icons such as Joan Jett and Bryan Poole (Of Montreal). Fusing the psychedelics of PJ Harvey and hard hitting indie rock, the band are a virtuoso of their craft. Their reputation as one of indie rock’s heaviest live band precedes them. Drummer Rachel Fuhrer provides a heavy bass and tom beat, and combines an almost animalistic approach in combination with her formal training. Bassist Eric Larson provides a rumbling bass line while he stands firmly up front, raising his bass guitar to the crowd.

But it’s powerhouse singer/guitarist who really steals the show. Pint-sized Lauren Larson took the stage with a quiet demeanor, but it wasn’t until they started did everyone get to recognize that she packs quite the punch. Like Jekyll and Hyde, Lauren can sing with delicacy and seduction, then turn it around into a blaze of ferocity and aggression. When she can take a break from the microphone, the seemingly dainty Lauren becomes a blur of blonde hair, jumping up and down and claiming the stage as her own.

Their third album, Monuments, launched in early March and has gained rave reviews. Being dubbed “hard rock for smart people,” it’s a step in the right direction for this band to gain the momentum to help them finally show why they should, in fact, be the next big thing.

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