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Indie Game Highlight: N

Freerunning that requires fast reflexes and deft coordination.
Freerunning that requires fast reflexes and deft coordination.
Image courtesy of Google Images.

Welcome to the weekend! Starting today, various indie games will be featured at the end of every week so that readers can enjoy some free (and maybe sometimes not so free) games over the weekend. Some games that may be covered will have already been released some time before, so if you're one of the people that have never heard of it, great! The weekend is always a good place to start.

For the first installment of Indie Game Highlight, the game of the day is simply, N. N, as the developers have put it, stands for Ned and there are two different versions for everyone. One is the standard game, N, which is available online. The other N+ is on the XBox 360 Live Arcade, PSP and DS.

N is a platform, adventure game that blends in freerunning movement and loads of ragdoll physics. The player controls Ned and has to collect yellow dots scattered throughout the many extensive levels of the game. Once the dots are all collected, the door to the next level opens up. A simple concept, yes. But keep in mind that the game does have quite a bit of physics involved, not to mention the various enemies as well.

As far as graphics goes, the game originally was made for the web with flash, so they're not much to look at. But, the simplicity of the game is in it's design, and the player doesn't necessarily need to see anything flashy to stand out; specially since the dominant colors are monotone.

N and N+ are both very similar, the latter being an upgrade to the former. So, if you have nothing else left to do this weekend, a recommendation would be for N or N+.

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