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Indie Game Highlight: Meat Boy

Another homage to the weekend--and a long weekend in particular because of the holiday--brings a story of a simple Meat Boy out to rescue his one and only, Band-Aid Girl.

Meat Boy, or Super Meat Boy (aptly named for its successor) is a platformer game reminiscent of the old-school Super Mario games. With a cast of colorful characters, the player travels through different worlds in order to same Band-Aid Girl.

The original prototype for Super Meat Boy, Meat Boy can be found and played at Newgrounds. The game goes through an extensive list of levels for the player to run, jump and wall-jump through. The game moves at a quick pace and has its share of traps, buzz saws and projectile shooters.

Check out the original flash game as well as the new Super Meat Boy coming to WiiWare and PC this summer!

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