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Indie film puts sinister spin on asking a ‘FAVOR’

From writer, director, producer Paul Osborne (Ten ‘til Noon, Official Rejection) comes a disturbing film that explores the darkest side of friendship. It’s said that a good friend will always help you, but a great friend will help you…hide a body! That’s exactly the premise of ‘FAVOR’, a psychological tale of two friends, Kip and Marvin, played by Blayne Weaver and Patrick Day.

Indie film, 'FAVOR' hits video on demand April 22nd.  The movie, from writer/director/producer Paul Osborne takes the audience on a psychological thrill-ride as two friends battle it out over a deadly favor.
Courtesy of Conspicuous Pictures

Kip, a successful married man, embarks on an affair with a young woman who decides she wants more. An argument ensues and Kip accidentally pushes ‘Abby’ too hard. She falls and hits her head going unconscious. With blood everywhere, and believing he just killed this woman, Kip reaches out to good old friend, Marvin. Marvin is unemployed, divorced, and hasn’t really been on Kip’s radar in some time, yet Marvin was always up for anything. Marvin even once said a good friend will help a buddy hide a body. In his desperation, Kip goes to Marvin in the middle of the night and seeks his help. Will Marvin help him hide the body so he doesn’t lose everything he has worked for; his wife, his career?

As the audience finds out, nothing changes a friendship quite like murder. Real bros never let a woman, dead or alive, come between them, right? After Marvin does this one favor for Kip, the plot takes a sinister twist. (See the official trailer on Vimeo here)

So just what inspired Osborne to write this dark tale? “I wrote ‘FAVOR’ for the two lead actors, Patrick Day and Blayne Weaver. They were just these two terrific performers that weren't working, and both happened to be friends of mine. They'd never worked together before, and it suddenly struck me one day, just from knowing each of them individually, that it seemed they would be an interesting mix. So I developed these characters for them, gave them a delicately balanced relationship, and then introduced something that would completely upend everything, which in this case was the dead body.”

Most people would never even consider a friendship going so far to the dark side as ‘FAVOR’ suggests, but Osborne has a theory. “I think we all have people we've known for decades that we still call friends mainly out of inertia, yet we still feel an obligation toward them because of all the shared history. These are friendships that have long past their expiration dates, and if pushed on too hard, will shatter. That's kinda dark, but it's something I feel most people can identify with.”

As with all good movies (in my humble opinion), there is a redeeming quality that involves a cat (or a pet of any kind). As Marvin slowly loses his foothold in the world of sanity, he still manages to save a cat named Vanilla. It may very well be his last act of compassion. Osborne jokes “It's a little demented, I guess... you know, until the sequel when the Vanilla seeks her revenge!”

This movie proves that when you have a great story, you don’t need a big budget. Patrick Day shines as Marvin, a man literary on the edge as his conscience goes to war with his desperate circumstances. The unraveling of his sanity feels real as the loveable loser slowly disappears to be replaced by the calculating monster. Meanwhile, Blayne Weaver's portrayal of Kip morphs from self-entitled selfish jerk to deadly self-entitled selfish jerk. So who, exactly is the bigger monster? Who wins in this macabre dance of murder, and who returns the favor? You’ll have to watch and see!

As Osborne points out, “FAVOR is perhaps the hardest kind of film to find financial support for. It's not an adaptation of a recognizable book, video game, or comic. It's not a sequel or a remake. It doesn't possess a built-in audience. There are no eye-catching special effects, giant monsters, or other such obvious commercial elements. It's not an issue-based movie with a legion of passionate non-profit organizations rallying around it. It's just a darn good story.”

‘FAVOR’, an official selection at nine major film festivals to include The Phoenix Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, and The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, premieres on Video on Demand, and goes out in mass distribution April 22nd through the following outlets: iTunes,, DirecTV, Comcast XFinity, VuDu, PlayStation, Google Play, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, and more (check here for your provider).

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