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Indie Developer to Appear on Gamerz411 Friday

Indie Developer to Appear on Gamerz411 Tomorrow
Indie Developer to Appear on Gamerz411 Tomorrow

Brad Johnson from Be-Rad Entertainment (previously worked on Knights of the Old Republic and the Tomb Raider series and currently working on Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack) will appear on this week's episode of the Gamerz411 podcast.

Brad brings his insight on the game industry through experience onto the electric video game podcast as topics like the indie games movement, what devs deal with from big publishers, hype in the video game industry, and more.

Tune in this Friday to hear the most uncensored and epic men of video games. You can subscribe on iTunes here, Follow on Twitter here, and Like on Facebook here. The show will be aired on weekly so keep up with some real gamers and let us know what you think about the topics!

Shout out to HipHopGamer for providing a platform for this real gamer content with no 'corporate leash' filter.