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Indie designers from the northeast

indie jewelry and tees
indie jewelry and tees
ktcollection and Foxy V

Buying from independent designers is the best way to add pieces to your wardrobe that have a personal touch. Many items from indie clothing and jewelry designers are handmade, unique and have an interesting story behind them. Like these two independent designers, who were at the Stylefixx Boston shopping event last week:

Foxy V – Foxy V’s designer, Vanessa, is a wife/mom/personal trainer in Boston who loves making t-shirts printed with her custom collages. Foxy V has an endless amount of interesting, colorful, and beautiful collages that can be viewed and purchased on Foxy V's website. They are then printed on white, super soft tees that come in different styles, all complimentary to a woman’s body.

ktcollection – Katie from ktcollection is from New York and draws inspiration for her jewelry designs from the city. She started off making jewelry for fun while working for New York magazine. Soon enough, the editors started noticing her jewelry and ktcollection grew from there! ktcollection’s jewelry collection is classic, but trendy at the same time, including gold and silver pendant necklaces and earrings, cuff bracelets, and chunky rings.

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