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Indie comics news: New York Post drops comics, and "Wasteland" ends

The end of comics at the NY Post!
Composite from New York Post and Mallard Fillmore official images

The "New York Post" deals additional blow to newspaper strips!

An unintentional side effect of the diminishing sales and influence of printed newspapers given the rise of the Internet and the 24/7 cycle of "info-tainment" cable news networks is the end of a key piece of Americana - newspaper comic strips. Many newspapers have sought to trim costs by either shrinking or outright eliminating their comic strips section, and the "New York Port" has done the latter.

Without any announcement - not even to King Features, which distributes comic strips to newspapers across the country - the "New York Post" dropped their comic strips page. It had been reduced to one page for years, with the biggest strips being "Garfield", "Dennis the Menace", and "Wizard of Id". "Mallard Fillmore", one of the only conservative leaning comic strips that exists, may fare worse having lost a spot within the right leaning newspaper. The Post issued no comment or reasoning for their dumping of the strips, and King Features is seeking to get a return to the pages.

The "New York Daily" news still offers Kings Features strips, such as "Prince Valiant", "Doonesbury", "Pearls before Swine" and "Mutts".

Original "Wasteland" creators unite for long awaited final arc!

Ever since 2006, Oni Press has been publishing the long running creator owned series, "Wasteland", has been telling a long term story about the aftermath of a big ecological event. Now, series writer Antony Johnston is reuniting with artist and co-creator Christopher Mitten as the series marches towards a 60th and final issue. Details are scarce, but issue #54 goes on sale this week, with their latest arc ending with issue #59, with the 60th and final issue being a sweeping epilogue. As one of Oni's longest running series, expect this entire series to make a good massive collection someday.

Read last week's article about an "Andre the Giant" comic here!

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