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Indie comics news: Dynamite's summer strategy and Morgan Freeman on "Planetoid"

Who knew early 20th century stories about Mars colonialism before science knew stuff would still be popular?

Dynamite Entertainment's 2014 push: John Carter, Tarzan, Jack Kirby, and "Bob's Burgers"!

The Diamond Retailer Summit was held this past weekend, and coming from it were a score of announcements revolving around Dynamite Entertainment. The largest was the end of a long legal battle between the publisher and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. over the rights to his novel characters "Tarzan" and "John Carter" (of "A Princess of Mars" among other books). Since the last attempt at a "John Carter" film was produced by Disney, Marvel Comics were publishing some related comics at the same time as Dynamite sought to mine that ore for all it was worth. Their "Warlord of Mars" comics as well as their "Lord of the Jungle" series sparked legal attention from the estate of the long dead author, but at last a settlement has been reached. Dynamite Entertainment have now officially claimed the license from Marvel Comics and will begin a new "John Carter: Warlord of Mars" series later in the year. In addition, the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate will begin producing online comic strips featuring these characters.

Also up is a relaunch of Jack Kirby's "Captain Victory and the Galaxy Rangers" by writer Joe Casey and a slew of top artists. They include Nathan Fox, Jim Rugg, Jim Mahfood, and Michael Fiffe. Created by Kirby in 1981, it depicted the titular space explorer/sheriff and his like minded crew of allies for a fourteen issue run. Carey will naturally be updating the franchise for a 21st century audience this August.

Finally, Dynamite also announced a slew of other comics for this summer, including a licensed comic based on the hit Fox cartoon "Bob's Burgers". The stories will be written and drawn by the producers of the show for a seamless transition for fans. A crossover between "Green Hornet" and DC Comics' "Batman '66" by Kevin Smith is also due up in May.

Morgan Freeman options an adaptation of "Planetoid"!

Revelations Entertainment, a film production company run by iconic actor Morgan Freeman, has optioned the rights to film an adaptation of Image Comics' "Planetoid". Created, written, and drawn by Ken Garing in June 2012, it follows the adventures of Silas (a former soldier turned pirate) on a strange alien world where he has to deal with cyborgs, nomadic tribes, alien armies, and a price on his head. No date or anything about the crew is known, nor whether Freeman would seek to star in it himself or seek to handle the production only.

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