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Indie comics news: Dynamite Entertainment turns 10 and "Fight Club 2"

Gail Simone's career seems to be to redeem 90's era bad girls!
Gail Simone's career seems to be to redeem 90's era bad girls!
The Mary Sue

Dynamite Entertainment celebrates 10th anniversary with Simone & Bunn led crossovers!

With this year's San Diego Comic Convention set to begin, comic publishers which are not one of the "big two" are in rush to garner notice atop heaps of mass media announcements. Amid all this is Dynamite Entertainment, which is set to celebrate its' 10th anniversary as the comic book publishing imprint of "Dynamic Forces", which began in 2004. In addition to releasing a special edition of their flagship series, "Army of Darkness", the company has announce two sets of crossovers featuring two of the hottest writers in the biz!

One of Dynamite Entertainment's major successes from 2013 was a relaunch of their long running "Red Sonja" series under the control of famed "DC Comics" writer Gail Simone. Figuring out that the comics industry thrives on "crossover events", Ron Marz started the trend with "Prophecy" in 2012 and Bill Willingham continues it with this year's "Legenderry". Their crossover of the near future carries the working title of "Women of Dynamite" and will see Red Sonja, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris (of their "Warlord of Mars" series) unite to combat a threat under the behest of Simone. No artist or precise release date was revealed, other than a promise of more details emerging in a future edition of PREVIEWS. Having garnered a reputation for writing "sexy", yet flawed and well written, heroines in work such as "Secret Six", "Birds of Prey" and "Batgirl", Simone seems to be an ideal fit to create a story featuring three of the most scantly clad heroines in comic books in a way which doesn't exploit them. The crossover will develop as Simone and her editors continue to plan it, and the addition of more heroines from the Dynamite line of comics is still possible (such as "Jungle Girl"), and by the time this hits the shelves this could become a "Birds of Prey" for Dynamite Entertainment!

Also announced is a sequel to "Masks" by writer Cullen Bunn ("The 6th Gun", "Magneto", "Deadpool") set for "late 2014". The gist of this crossover, dubbed "Masks 2" is simple. All of the pulp era masked vigilantes that Dynamite Entertainment have under license - "The Shadow", "The Spider", "Green Hornet and Kato" - unite to tangle with both themselves and organized crime. The first issue of 2012's "Masks" sold over 70,000 copies, which is legendary for Dynamite.

Finally, Dynamite will release a double sized issue of "Army of Darkness" with the eclectic issue number of #1992.1. Writers for the anthology will include Steve Niles, Cullen Bunn, and Jim Kuhoric.

"Fight Club 2" to arrive via Dark Horse Comics!

In 1996, writer Chuck Palahniuk wrote his seminal "Fight Club" novel which was swiftly made into a cult hit film under director David Fincher and starring Edward Norton. For those not in the know, the story follows an unnamed narrator who develops a combat based subculture under the behest of his alternate personality, Tyler Durden. Since then, Palahniuk considered his work finished until he started getting the urge to write a sequel in comic book form.

Starting in May 2015, Palahniuk will write "Fight Club 2", a ten issue "maxi series" published by Dark Horse Comics and drawn by Cameron Stewart. The story will take place at various points in time, both before and after the film which sees the narrator married and with a troubled son named "Junior". In addition, the true origin of "Tyler Durden" will be revealed. As Dark Horse continues to adjust to life without "Star Wars", this should act as yet another innovative license under their umbrella.

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