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Indie comics news: ComiXology rules 2013 and "The Bunker" goes to Oni Press

The internet's main digital comic provider officially rocked last year!

The latest in independent comic news items for January 12th - 14th, 2014!

According to Apple, ComiXology rocked in 2013!

ComiXology, which has quickly become the premiere digital comic book seller for both independent creators as well as big North American publishers, announce another milestone this week. The company revealed that the ComiXology iOS app was one of the top grossing app in the entire iTunes library that wasn't related to gaming. It was listed as number eleven out of the top 20 such apps for 2013. It also represents 14% of the non-gaming app market on digital devices.

ComiXology also announced that it had served over six billion pages of comic books and graphic novels, which was up from two billion in 2012. In just four short years, ComiXology has grown by leaps and bounds, offering over 45,000 comics from at least 75 different publishers. They show no sign of slowing down and 2014 will likely be another year for the digital comic provider.

Fialkov & Infurnari's "The Bunker" goes from web to print!

Joshua Hale Fialkov has gotten more work lately on "Skyman" with Dark Horse Comics and several Ultimate comics from Marvel Comics, but he has still found time to work on a more personal project. Alongside Joe Infurnari, "The Bunker" has existed as a web comic since August 2013 and has garnered enough of a fanbase that it is set to be published by Oni Press on February 12th.

The series follows a batch of teenage friends who stumble onto an underground bunker which seems to have strange information about their future lives and ultimate goals. It turns out to have been sent through time by themselves in the future, where they seemed to have played a role in a disaster. Starting next month, "The Bunker #1" will his stores and offer the first five chapters of the webcomic - some 60 pages - for $3.99. By March, the series will be released both online and in print at the same time. DC Comics has seen success with their "digital first" comics, so there's no reason why Fialkov and Oni Press can't follow suit.

BOOM! has new...something for April 2014!

BOOM! Studios has borrowed a cue from Marvel Comics in terms of using vague ads to promote new launches of new series. To this end an image of a figure with a gun involving phrases which suggest something revolving around time travel has appeared online. Expect more to be told of this series as solicitations for April 2014 are posted online.

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