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Indie comics news: Brooklyn's "Night Watchman" returns and "Walking Dead" reruns

Anything from the Gowanus has to be more radioactive than all the origins of Marvel Comics.
So What? Press and Dave Kelly

"Tales of the Night Watchman" returns at the MoCCA Arts Festival!

Held every year on the first weekend in April, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) holds their annual festival to celebrate talent from its' local area of New York City as well as around the world. This year's festival takes place on April 5th and 6th and the creators of "Tales of the Night Watchman" are set to debut their fourth issue of the series at the festival.

Dave Kelly and Lara Antal are the creators are "Tales of the Night Watchman" as well as founders of their Brooklyn based publishing company, "So What? Press". The premise to the series is simple. By day Nora and Charlie are baristas toiling for low wages at one of Brooklyn's many coffee shops to eke out a living and nurture a love of java; by night, Charlie becomes possessed by the magical spirit of "the Night Watchman" and fights supernatural threats like zombies or vampires, usually with Nora's aid. They are also joined by a teenage runaway (Serena) and ultimately face the challenge of the Watchman's ultimate enemy, the evil Merrick. The first two issues were numbered, but since then the series has continued in one-shot form; this column reviewed them last fall. Molly Ostertag, who collaborated on art for "Tales of the Night Watchman: the Night Collector", returns for this one shot as well.

The next installment, "Tales of the Night Watchman: It Came from the Gowanus Canal" sees the cast investigate an evil golem which seems to be killing locals within the area. Frankly, the title alone should be worth the attention of any Brooklyn resident. The issue will debut at the MoCCA Festival on April 5-6th at the "So What? Press" table (B13) before going on to be sold at stores as well as their website's own catalog. Much like previous issues, it offers forty pages of story for five dollars, which is far more than most "big three" comics offer for such a price. The series has so far been a quirky supernatural ride with three distinctly Brooklyn characters, and this will be another one shot worth attention.

"The Walking Dead" hits broadcast TV!

That sound you hear is the sound of enough cash entering Robert Kirkman's bank account to pay for another dozen issues of the low selling "Super Dinosaur". AMC and Fox have announced plans to air the hit TV adaptation of Kirkman's famous Image Comics creation, "The Walking Dead", on the broadcast station "MyNetworkTV" (which in NY is "My9"). This is similar to other deals which have brought cable shows such as "Monk", "Burn Notice", "Flashpoint", "Psych", and even "Sex and the City" to network TV stations for bigger audiences and increased revenue (with none of the cost). On AMC, meanwhile, "The Walking Dead" continues to crush ratings expectations for a fourth season, and it is obvious why its' move to network station syndication proved inevitable.

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