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Indie comics news: Brooklyn's Grand Comics Festival, "Chew" and "Supreme"

The best kind of con...a Brooklyn con!
The Beat

Brooklyn's "Grand Comics Festival" returns!

When most people think of comic book conventions in New York, most minds come to larger ones held at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. However, Brooklyn has long held its' own vibrant community of comic book creators and fans, as well as their own smaller cons where the two meet. Among these is the "Grand Comics Festival" held every year on June 7th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Bird River Studio on 343 Grand Street. The one day con has the best admission fee there is; absolutely nothing!

Confirmed guests include presenter Pat Dorian along with Sam Henderson, Nick Bertozzi, Jonathan Baylis, Sara Varon, R. Sikoryak, Danny Hellmen, along with Birdcage Bottom Books, Hic + Hoc Publications and So What? Press ("Tales of the Night Watchman"). This con takes place a week before the ReedPOP sponsored "Special Edition New York" con at the Javits Center, and months before October's massive "New York Comic Con". So, drop by and give the Brooklyn scene some love!

"Chew" animated adaptation is in production; lead cast found!

Not all adaptations of Image Comics franchises to the small screen involve Robert Kirkman, at least directly. The next adaptation is of John Layman and Rob Guillory's best selling series, "Chew", featuring the wacky crime solving exploits of Tony Chu, a "cibopath" who gains the memories of anything he eats in a world where poultry was banned. It will be produced and directed by Jeff Krelitz and David Boxenbaum, who bought "Heavy Metal" and will have this work be their first animated production under that banner. John Layman has co-written the script for this animated piece. The goal is to release this via home video and digital release.

Steven Yeun, a star of AMC's "The Walking Dead", has been cast as the lead, Tony Chu, while Felicia Day ("The Guild") has been cast as the female lead of the series, Amelia Mintz. "Chew" is a best selling series and one of few which will feature an Asian star who isn't a martial artist. With Marvel/Disney and DC Comics/Warner Brothers seeming to control the market in terms of direct-to-video animated comic book adaptations, it is terrific to see more independent series make the leap to a new medium.

Warren Ellis to relaunch "Supreme" at Image Comics!

In "Youngblood #3" back in 1992, Rob Liefeld created a Superman archetype called "Supreme", who in the style of the time was more angst ridden and violent. The character was ultimately retooled by Alan Moore from 1996-1998 to be more of a tribute to the Silver Age, which is the era most fans know best aside for the initial series. Having seen success with relaunching several of their older franchises under new creative teams such as "Glory" and "Prophet", Image Comics are continuing the trend with "Supreme". Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay ("Elephantment") are re-introducing the franchise to a new generation of readers in "Supreme: Blue Rose" which debuts on July 23rd. A poetic solicitation lays mention to other characters from the franchise, including villain Darius Drax (an analogue to Lex Luthor).

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